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Dear Lori,

            Roxy has been coming to school and working with me for almost a year and a half now.  I just wanted you to know how that she has a HUGE impact on the kids and staff.  She brightens everyone’s day!  Everyone smiles when they see her!  Roxy “breaks the ice” effortlessly and puts people at ease.  Much of the tension at meetings or during testing is gone and we are able to get more accurate information from the students and meetings are more productive.  She is also used to get students talking, who ordinarily would not speak or interact with others.  We’re still trying to get Reading with Roxy back into the schedule as it was such a hit last year, scheduling conflicts just hasn’t allowed it this year yet.  Kids ask for her to come to there counseling groups because they say, “she calms us down to do group”. 
            Whenever Roxy is gone for the day, I get asked a million times, with a frown, “Where’s Roxy?” They always perk back up when I say, ‘She’ll be back tomorrow.”
Sometimes she is some of the only affection some of our kids get.

Thank you for doing what you do!  You help more people than you know!


Roxy and Niki Hale, School Psychologist, Grantsburg, WI




Therapy Dog at Unity School

By Gina Sarow


“Woof, Woof!”  I am Lewis, and this is my 3rd year at Unity!  I am taking over where Murphy left off, so I have some BIG paws to fill.


I enjoy running and swimming with Miss Gina every morning.  Then it’s off to our classroom where I greet all the children.  I love to cuddle, have the kids read to me up in the loft and play fetch with tennis balls.


The children learn how to feed and water me, brush my coat, and teeth and take me for walks on the track. 


During the summer, Miss Gina takes me with her almost everywhere she goes.  I meet all the Kindergarten children in summer school where the rules and commands that I know are explained.  That way I always know what to expect. 


We visit “Stamps” our post master in Balsam Lake, take a walk around the Mill Pond and then go swimming at the beach.  I dig in the sand, play tag with the frogs and meet all the fishermen going out on the lake. Hey, it’s a dogs life....


I am a certified Therapy Dog through Sunshine Service Dogs, Inc. of Luck, WI, and I’m enjoying every benefit of being a Therapy Dog!


Poem by Barbara Burrow


While kids are teaching dogs to fetch,

and other things worth knowing,


Dogs are teaching kids to care,

to give a lot of love, and share.


Kids and dogs,

they’ve got a good thing going!





What can make a group of 21 kindergarten students suddenly be still and talk in whispers?

What can help an autistic student handle his anxiety so he can take a state test for the very first time?

What can make an upset 8 year old, trying to run out of the building, suddenly run into the building?

What can get a 10 year old, who won’t read aloud for anybody, reading and enjoying it?

What can get an adolescent to talk about her fears and addiction honestly for the first time?

What brings a smile to almost face in the hall and calmness to almost any situation?

What has four paws, two eyes that can see into your soul, one wet nose and a giant fuzzy heart?


The answer isn’t a what, but a who; and her name is Callie.  Callie is a four-year-old Belgian Malinois who works as a therapy dog in the Forest Lake Schools in Forest Lake Minnesota.  Callie has been a regular fixture in the halls of the Central Learning Center building since last September, when her owner, a school psychologist, was assigned to the building.  This building houses a K-6 Montessori elementary school, the alternative Sr. High school program (ALC), the alternative Jr. high school program (STRIVE), the Early Childhood Family and Special Education Programs as well as a Daycare facility.  As a result, Callie has the opportunity to work with children literally from birth to age 21 and everything in between.


Callie has been working closely with a kindergarten class teaching them to be responsible for cleaning up, for sharing with each other and for naming and talking about their feelings in the right way.  She has been reading with reluctant readers in several schools and these students are now reading out loud, using strategies to help them be better readers and sharing their new skills with teachers and other students.  This is just a small part of the very important job Callie performs with the students and staff.


Callie is a certified Therapy Dog through Sunshine Service Dogs, Inc. of Luck, WI. Without the support and work of Lori and Sunshine Service Dogs Inc. Callie would not be able to provide all that she does and we would not hear the indigent question “Why isn’t Callie here?” on the days when she stays home for a much deserved rest.  Thanks Lori!



The Haven has been blessed with visits from Lyn and Kuba at our Luck

site and Keri and Maggie at our Dresser and Amery site.  Everyone looks

forward to these visits and these wonderful owners and very special

therapy dogs always bring smiles and laughter.  We not only have the joy

of their warm visits but see new things they are learning and/or hear

the troubles they have gotten themselves into. Thank you to two special

ladies and their wonderful sidekicks. 


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