"We received a call for a missing woman in Lake Superior. We then called the Coast Guard, Dept. of Natual Resourses, and the Bayfield Fire Dept. Dive Team. We also called the St. Louis Co. Rescue Squad with their SONAR and several remote controlled vehicles (ROV) to search the bottom. We also had aircraft involved in the search. The search continued for one day and part of the next. We were certain she was in the water but the searchers said she wasn't there. We called Sunshine Service Dogs from Luck, WI. Three SAR K9's and five handlers from over one hundred miles arrived within a few hours. One dog was put to work searching the shore line and two were put on boats. Soon one dog in the boat alerted in an area previously searched. The other dog was brought to the scene and it also alerted. Dive team members recovered the body from the 34 degree water in almost inaccessible area from shore. The dogs had accomplished in literally a few minutes what the latest high tech equipment hadn't been able to do. The service we received from Sunshine Service Dogs was awesome. For the family we wanted to complete this search quickly. Thanks to the amazing dogs we were able to."

Robert Follis, Sheriff

Bayfield County Sheriff Department


"Western Wisconsin residents critically need the services that Sunshine Service Dogs provide”
Sheila Harsdorf
State Senator


“Your prompt and efficient response proved to be very helpful in our investigation. Without your help and the Sunshine Service Dogs search and rescue dogs, it would have taken our deputies days to determine what your search dogs did in a short time.”
Ronald R. Volkert, Chief Deputy
St. Croix County Sheriff Dept.


“The Sheriff’s Department has utilized the services of the search and rescue dogs on many occasions. I have always found that the volunteers in this organization have assisted law enforcement in a professional and efficient manner.  Additionally, Sunshine Service Dogs has an excellent reputation in the communities throughout Polk County that they serve.”
Ann Hraychuck
Former Polk County Sheriff

“The residents of Polk County and the surrounding counties have a critical need for the service that Sunshine Service Dogs provide.”
Brad Williamson
Former Balsam Lake Fire Chief

“From my experience as a judge I know how great the need is for the services of search and rescue dogs.”
Judge Rasmussen
Polk County Circuit Court


Email: k9s4u@lakeland.ws
Sunshine Training Website
: SunshineKennelsK9Training.com




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