Lori Peper-Rucks, a professional, has been training dogs since 1975. She finds great joy in her gift of training dogs. Dogs have been useful since the beginning; used for hunting, protection, herding and companionship. It is natural we use these highly intelligent animals for our benefit. A Service Dog is trained to adapt it's lifestyle to offer assistance to individuals with disabilities. Service Dogs are a reasonably new concept; we are still learning what they are capable of in helping people with disabilities. For more information about Lori, see Bio by clicking here!

Volunteers Needed

Sunshine is a non-profit organization in need of your assistance. Please call if you can help with:

  • Office Tasks
    Fundraising Events
  • Public Relations & Outreach
  • Dog Care... exercise, bathing, brushing
  • Foster Care
The Sunshine Service Dogs is a non-profit organization.
Your contributions are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible.

Send donations to:
Sunshine Service Dogs Inc.
2019 - 100th Street
Luck, WI 54853
OR pay with PayPal ~ Simply click the Donate button
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